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Madiun house

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The natural landscape of marble quarries has been the inspiration to the whole concept.
Despite the luxurious characteristic of marbles, Natalie wants to highlight the nature scene into the design to remind that the mother nature has provide these marbles and inspired human beings to a lot of things.
It translated through the chosen pattern like the geometric square pattern as seen on foyer that was inspired from the qubical marble quarries scene. Furthermore we add the “forest” wallpaper that applied on the camouflage door in the foyer - as seen in the surrounding of the quarries.
The analogy of finding a natural beauty after exposing the quarries also translated in the flower petal mosaic that has applied as the backdrop of a see through door cabinets. Also the island in the pantry that has a ‘mountain’ like pattern that has been the focal point of the room.
Those elements were bonded through the color scheme that express from the landscape which generally white, green, black and grey.

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